How We Treat Allergies and Sensitivities

Carnes Chiropractic Clinic is excited to offer to the Wiregrass (the allergy capital of the world) the new and amazing LZR7 computerized allergy assessment and treatment therapy using laser technology.

Regular cost is $1,400 for 12 treatments (the typical protocol prescribed in our office). Look out for specials for this treatment throughout the year.
(Approx $120 per treatment)

You may have had allergy treatments at our office before, but the LZR7 takes allergy relief to a whole new level!

LZR7: Low-level Laser Treatment

Quick Overview Of The LZR7™ Laser Allergy Relief System

  • Affordability – You are Probably Already Spending More in One Year on Allergy Remedies that Only Offer Temporary Relief.
  • Effectiveness – Very High Success Rate (as evidenced by the staggering number of new patient referrals doctors receive)
  • Efficiency – Therapies Last Only 7-10 minutes
  • Painlessness – Non-invasive, No Shots, No Scratch Tests, No Pain at All!
  • Safety – Helps People of All Ages – Including Small Children
  • Permanence – Most Patients Experience Allergy Relief That Lasts!
  • Versatility – Relieves More than Just Allergies

How Many Treatments will I need?

Systemic conditions have generalized symptoms throughout the body, usually with inflammation, and are treated with a 13 Step Protocol. The LZR7 Laser Allergy comprehensive protocol scans over 100,000 different items of interest including the endocrine system (hormones), nervous systems, food, allergens, digestive disorders, bacteria, viruses, and heavy metals among many others. This protocol is to find the underlying causes to most inflammatory conditions which ultimately compromise your immune system and increase our sensitivities to foods and other allergens.

Primary allergies: a simple error in the body associated with one major substance such as cat, nuts or pollen. These allergies are usually balanced and cleared within one to three visits; depending on the allergy.

Secondary allergies: are symptoms of a bigger underlying issue that stimulates inflammation in the body like infection, toxins, emotional traumas or other triggers. These allergies are generally resolved within the 13 step protocol. Allergy shots by comparison are usually from 12 to 24 treatments per year for two to five years (source: WebMD).

How It Works

The LZR7 multi-channel testing process has tested you utilizing thousands of specific micro-frequencies to provide an overall stress pattern of the organs and systems of your body.

In essence, the reports are looking at the status of your body’s communication network, which runs throughout an extensive matrix of connective tissue.   The stress values for each organ or system reflect the demand for resources to maintain efficient communication to and through that area of the body.  Higher numbers (8, 9 and 10) indicate a higher demand for resources and a greater stress to that area (not to the organ itself).  Please bear in mind:

  • This test, like all other aspects of  LZR7 testing, is not diagnostic.  The LZR7 measures changes in energy flow, which have not yet been proven scientifically to correlate with specific disease processes.
  • The numbers are relative to your own unique stress patterns and will reflect changes in those patterns.  There will always be stress, no matter how balanced you are; therefore, there will always be a “10” on the report.
  • Organs that have been removed surgically can still appear “stressed” on the report.  This reflects the body’s attempts to keep energy flowing as normally as possible by creating compensatory pathways through the matrix.  In short, the energy is re-routed and the stress value represents a detour of the “traffic jam” in the area of the missing organ.

Please keep in mind that natural healing can take time.  You may not experience wellness overnight, but you may only notice slight changes in your health after just one visit; or dramatic results are often manifest within a very short period of time.  On this new journey towards achieving better health the value of patience, education and faithfully following the protocol cannot be underestimated!  Often, long standing issues which have been present in the body for years can take several months to clear, however in our experience, they can be cleared!

Often healing will start from the inside of the body where the energy blockages now being cleared may be less noticeable by you and you may only notice slight energy increases.  Other times results come quickly within the first test or two.  We recommend getting tested on a regular basis for a minimum of 6 visits before expecting dramatic results.

This is not a race, but a journey towards true health.  Health is commonly defined in our culture as the absence of symptoms or the elimination or control of disease.  Yet true health is the ability to fully participate in the rhythms of life, feeling the glory of the dawning day, celebrating the yearly cycles of the seasons and sensing Nature’s pules of life quickening within us.  True health is more than just “getting by”.  It means plunging into life, fully engaging body and soul in all that we do – in work, family and social life, creative expression and inner peace.

Here is a testimony of one of our first patient’s to try the LZR7 Treatments.

Here is a testimony of one of our younger patients who was allergic to his medications and some foods he was eating and we used the ASERT technique on him along with chiropractic adjustments to help him get well.

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