For Patients

Frequently asked policy questions:

  • Do you file insurance and accept what they will pay?

No.  We give you a receipt at the end of each visit with the diagnosis ad treatment codes for you to file your insurance claims.  This applies to auto and worker’s comp accident claims.

  • Do you file Medicare claims?

Yes.  By law we have to file a person’s Medicare claims, which we do electronically.  However, like all patients, payment is expected the day you receive services.

  • What methods of payment do you accept?

Cash, check and credit cards.  Care Credit is also accepted if you qualify.  We will check for you or you can check online at

  • What are your hours?

8:00 am to 5:30 pm, Monday through Friday.

  • What is your cancellation policy?

All new patients are required to make a deposit of $80 to reserve their appointment.  This deposit immediately refunds if you give a 24 hour cancellation notice.  You will be called 2-3 days prior to your appointment to get verbal confirmation.  If we cannot get verbal confirmation that you are keeping your appointment, we will have to cancel it.  We do this because we run a waiting list and others need the appointment times.  You will still need to give us at least 24 hours’ notice of cancellation to have your deposit refunded.  If after cancelling, you wish to reschedule your new patient appointment, you will need to follow the same police above, including the $80.00 deposit to hold your appointment.

Existing patients; Please be responsible to give us at least 24 hours’ notice if you need to cancel your appointment.  This will allow us time to fill the opening with those who are on our waiting list.  We do our best to partner with you by contacting you by phone or text.  Let us know which method you prefer.

New Patient Forms

Please use the following links to print and fill our paperwork and email, fax or drop them by prior to your first visit.  This will greatly reduce your waiting time.

New to Functional Health Care? (Often referred to as Functional Medicine)

Do you want a natural approach to feeling better and functioning better?  The current name for this natural approach is Functional Medicine (FM).  A better name that I prefer to use is “Functional Health Care” (FHC).

FHC is an approach to health care where we seek to do 3 things:

  • Identify the root causes of your symptoms by listening to your health history, doing a physical exam, and by doing specialized lab tests.
  • Based on the above findings, we seek to partner with you to remove the causes of your symptoms without the use of medications, or surgeries. Therapies and lifestyle changes will focus on removing anything causing: nutritional deficiencies, allergies and sensitivities, sleep deficiencies, toxicity, emotional/mental stress, exercise deficiencies, erroneous health information, and structural stress on your body.
  • We want to help you get healthy and stay healthy by teaching you and helping you to avoid future health issues. We want to help you live a happy. Successful and loving life.

If this sounds like the approach you would like to take to restore and maintain your health, then give us a call today.